If you want to participate in workshop88  Arduino workshop  and have not ordered your Ardiuno from Trossen, all is not lost.   We will have a limited amount of Arduino's kits for purchase at our workshop. Just place your order with Trossen online for pickup and then provide the order information at the kit table to receive your kit. Don't forget your to use your workshop88 discount code when you order.
Time is running out and supplies are limited, so order now--kits will be distributed on a first come basis. Get ready for some fun!

If you need an Arduino we suggest: (9 Kits Available @ event Pickup)

If you own a Arduino but want hardware to follow along with the W88 workshop we suggest: (5 Kits Available)

Please forward a copy of your Trossen invoice to microworkshopfoxv at gmail dot com so we can adjust available quantities and verify your purchase.