The 2011 First Annual ASME Open Source Microcontroller Workshop was fun for everyone, but we decided to change a few things for the year 2.

The name of the event wasn't exactly what you would call zippy.

The description sort of boxed us in, and wasn't the most representative of what was at the event.

So.. for 2012 we're calling calling our event, Osmoces which stand for:

    Outreach &

This new name is more representative of the goals we had in our worshop and is a lot easier to say.

It will be occurring at the same location (IIT/Rice Campus) in Wheaton Il. on Saturday, Oct 13, 2012.

To everyone who attended our first workshop, we hope you can make it Year II which will be still have Microcontrollers, but more as well.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first event

We hope to see you again.  Check out us out at Osmoces