Sunday, August 19, 2012

postheadericon Osmoces: the successor

The 2011 First Annual ASME Open Source Microcontroller Workshop was fun for everyone, but we decided to change a few things for the year 2.

The name of the event wasn't exactly what you would call zippy.

The description sort of boxed us in, and wasn't the most representative of what was at the event.

So.. for 2012 we're calling calling our event, Osmoces which stand for:

    Outreach &

This new name is more representative of the goals we had in our worshop and is a lot easier to say.

It will be occurring at the same location (IIT/Rice Campus) in Wheaton Il. on Saturday, Oct 13, 2012.

To everyone who attended our first workshop, we hope you can make it Year II which will be still have Microcontrollers, but more as well.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first event

We hope to see you again.  Check out us out at Osmoces

Thursday, November 10, 2011

postheadericon Haven't order your Arduino yet?

If you want to participate in workshop88  Arduino workshop  and have not ordered your Ardiuno from Trossen, all is not lost.   We will have a limited amount of Arduino's kits for purchase at our workshop. Just place your order with Trossen online for pickup and then provide the order information at the kit table to receive your kit. Don't forget your to use your workshop88 discount code when you order.
Time is running out and supplies are limited, so order now--kits will be distributed on a first come basis. Get ready for some fun!

If you need an Arduino we suggest: (9 Kits Available @ event Pickup)

If you own a Arduino but want hardware to follow along with the W88 workshop we suggest: (5 Kits Available)

Please forward a copy of your Trossen invoice to microworkshopfoxv at gmail dot com so we can adjust available quantities and verify your purchase.
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Saturday Nov. 12: The ASME

Open Source Microcontroller Workshop!

Bringing together Engineers, Educators, Students, Hobbyists and Entrepreneurs -- to learn and share knowledge and experiences.

A one-day workshop to learn about and play with open-source microcontrollers. Open to members and friends of the ASME Fox Valley chapter. (Early registration is suggested. We will try to fit everyone in, but preference will be given to pre-registrants in case of seminar overflow.)

Who is this workshop for? Anyone between 13 and 103 who are interested in learning about open-source technology and sharing their ideas.
What will I do? See a dozen projects (both simple and complex) that merge computers with machines to do fun and/or useful tasks. Learn how to make one yourself.
When does this happen? Saturday Nov. 12, from 9am to 2pm. Some presentations and hands-on classes will have definite times, but show & tell from project makers will go on the whole time.
Where do I go? The IIT-Rice campus (2nd floor) in Wheaton (north side of Butterfield Rd. near Danada.)
What will it cost? The base workshop costs $10. Middle & High School teams are $40 for up to 8 students plus teacher (additional students are $5 each). Optional materials may cost extra.
Why would I want to do this? Listen to interesting people, see unusual machines, meet the next generation of America's creators. Learn to solder, or program a microcontroller, or use a strain gage. AND share your own expertise! (And for engineers; get PDH hours.)

Background info for the Open Source* Microcontroller Workshop

This 5-hour workshop is intended as a fun event aimed at industry, open-source hobbyists, and at the science education field. As well, a goal is to provide mentoring and support for students and educators for the advancement of engineering and science.

Open-Source* microcontrollers provide solutions to a diverse range of applications in a variety of fields ranging from the arts to science and technology. For schools they are an excellent & cheap step into motion control. We’ll do some simple projects, and show off complicated projects.

This workshop is still under construction. We think it will have 3 main aspects:
  • An opportunity for makers to show off their projects at display tables (the makers can be individuals or school groups and will selected by the organizers based on written applications)
  • Highlighted presentations in the seminar room, where 3-5 selected projects are described in detail by their makers
  • Classes and hands-on experimentation:
    • Programming and use of Arduino type micro-controllers (presented by Workshop88)
    • Introduction to soldering, likely hourly (presented by Dwayne and Dale at NOTE: Because soldering irons are hot and can burn you, the hands-on activities will require you to read & sign a waiver.)
    • An introduction to strain gauges and force sensing (presented by Bill from ASME)
A few vendors in the field of microcontrollers have been invited, but the workshop is not intended to be a commercial show.

As the planners, ASME Fox Valley members and friends are encouraged to attend and participate. We are seeking members interested volunteering formally or informally. Especially skills such as data acquisition, motion control, signal processing will be great resources. Early registration is suggested. Preference will be given to pre-registrants in case of seminar overflow.  

* Initially focused on software, the term “open source” has come to loosely indicate any kind of product or project with freely shared instructions or design; and thus completely adaptable by others. On the border between the mechanical and electrical arts, the Open Source community has spawned microcontrollers to make electronic control accessible to anyone working or playing with mechatronics, robotics, automation, etc. One design (manufactured by various vendors) called an Arduino will be used in this workshop, it can be home-built, or pre-built versions are available from various vendors for $15-$40. Arduinos and accessories will be available for purchase.
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